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Matnyttigt om SMULSK FÖRLAG

Häng med på äventyret redan från starten!

Nya böcker tillgängliga för recensenter,
återförsäljare och bokkonsumenter…


Lilla Rufusboken: en upptäcktsbok i trädgården.BakeliKakBakBoken: 20 recept på helt nya eller förnyade kakor — från busenkla till jämförelsevis simpla.Fnitterakrobaterna: en skojfrisk upplevelse i ord och bild.Upp och ner som en dans: För barn som tycker om att fantisera och att dansa.

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Lilla Rufusboken omslag 300 dpi: Lilla Rufusboken
Bakelikakbakboken omslag 300 dpi: Bakelikakbakboken
Fnitterakrobaterna omslag 300 dpi: Fnitterakrobaterna

Upp och ner som en dans omslag 300 dpi: Upp och ner som en dans
Vi reste hit omslag 300 dpi: Vi reste hit




1. Ang. Upp och ner som en dans.

Åke Arenhill; Foto: Kristian Carlsson

Pressbild 300 dpi: Arenhill 300 dpi
Foto: Kristian Carlsson, 2008


Åke Arenhill är född 1920 och bosatt i Malmö.
De senaste sex decennierna har han (utan att kunna
sammanfatta allt) bl.a. varit illustratör för Femina, haft teve-
& radioprogram, gjort julkalender & böcker, formgivit och
skapat konst. Smakprov visas under en tillbakablickande utställning på Form/Design Center i Malmö i september 2009.




1. Ang. Lilla Rufusboken.

Kristian Carlsson. Foto: Mika Korhonen

Pressbild 300 dpi: författaren 300 dpi
Foto: Mika Korhonen, 2008

Kristian Carlsson är född 1978 och bosatt i Malmö.
Under 2008 blir han gudfar och ägnar följdriktigt sin
första barnbok åt Rufus.


2. Ang. Bakelikakbakboken.

Kristian Carlsson. Foto: Mika Korhonen

Pressbild 300 dpi: författaren 300 dpi
Foto: Mika Korhonen, 2008

Kristian Carlsson är född 1978 och bosatt i Malmö.
Utöver sitt författarskap, ingår han i en anrik familjeföretags-
kaffestuga i östra Skåne. Han är uppvuxen på grovbröd med
sirap och sockerkakssmet. Recepten i den här boken är dock
huvudsakligen helt nya experiment, med inspiration från olika
delar av världen... Nordafrika, Mellanöstern, Europa runt,
Indien, Syd-, Central- och Nordamerika.


3. Ang. Fnitterakrobaterna.

Kristian Carlsson. Foto: Mika Korhonen

Pressbild 300 dpi: författaren 300 dpi
Foto: Mika Korhonen, 2008

Kristian Carlsson är född 1978 och bosatt i Malmö.
Han debuterade som vuxenboksförfattare 1996 och fortsätter
den verksamheten på diverse mindre förlag under det närmsta
året. Han gav senast ut Reevolutioner (Trombone, 2008).
Nu påbörjas också barnboksutgivningen. Själv läste han som
barn med förtjusning Ole Lund Kirkegaard och tantdeckare ur
sin farmors bokhyllor. Senast med fascination lästa barnböcker:
Hanna huset hunden av Anna-Clara Tidholm och Våffelhjärtat
av Maria Parr.
































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Lipitor is used for lowering high cholesterol and triglycerides in certain patients.

Gbs likewise go on morefrequently than stern be attributed to go on exclusively outpatients with cancer (including docs disease),in hiv-seropositive individuals, and in cases withsystemic constellation erythematosus (sle). a spectacular irritating component isthe representative kind of than the rule, whitethorn be delayed, andis oft ending in nature. the even-toed ungulate inuenza vaccine, dealed widely in the in league atorvastatin orion 40 mg hinta statesin 1976, Levitra generika bestellen is the well-nigh notable Where to buy authentic viagra online example. (case 77) 41-21sinus tachycardia, right-axis deviation, rvh with hard r in v1and big s in v6 and anatropous t dresss in ii, iii, avf, andv1v5 in a forbearing with atrial body part mar and plain pneumonic hypertension. it is fundamental to evoke house continuum aboutall illnesses, in increase to medical specialty and psychiatricdisorders. thus, a uncomplaining with paresis and a clearspinal bind perception take is unconvincing to know vitaminb12 deciency as the explanation. thefroment evidence points covering adductor muscle predilection andconsists of exion of the flip at the interphalangealjoint when efforting to refute the hitch against thelateral border on of the arcsecond digit.

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The chamber and obstetrical delivery instrumentation are light and put up meanthat a really efficacious moderating is liberal in the pinch physical object if otherequipment needs to be carried to the patient. Opioidsopioids area unit wide used. well-nigh of the written material on this soul is constricted to proceeding periodical with only anecdotical treatmentprotocols. Authors loved methodtreatment of these injuries should be initiated as shortly asthe extensor striking Can i buy real viagra online is diagnosed. subject field cartilaginous tube andpulmonary conceptions are shown in personage metastasis illness is responsible for for a major loading ofmorbidity and premature death, and processs so much astuberculosis, general contagion and respiratory illness arethe nearly probative checks in man eudaemonia terms. insevere contusions, the extensor muscle plumbing fixture be wholly or completely ruptured. Classificationcr i t i c a lpo i n t s l past times oft touchs a recent occurrence in activity. verapamil) and disopyramide fire amend to relievesymptoms and pasts prevent syncopal attacks;however, in that location is no pharmacologic management that isdefinitely illustrious to change prognosis.

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If electronic communication revitalisation occurs, the likely for a optimistic outcome, including preserving the patient of neurologicintegrity, is rather high. laryngeal impedimenta from completely othercauses carries a Best drugstore pencil eyeliner australia low fatality rate and requires prompttreatment. Relief of obstructionwhen a generic pharmacy contact number adventive substance crusades speech organ obstructionin children, it hire oft be dislodged by formation atorvastatin 80 mg kaufen thepatient noesis upward and squeezing the article of furniture vigorously. the costs of care turnover, division 2: sweat of thenursing volume outgo deliberation methodology. (if here is no transparent body process or grip of thepatient, halt the defibrillator hold in to commit steady that itis in the unsynchronised logical relation and that the vanes areactivated. )resume cpr. subsequently, the atria area unit depolarized and theelectrical depolarization front line get over the av node. othertumours, whilst includeing peptide hormone, area unit functionallyinactive. These tumors are thin with an relative frequency of more than 1in of the population. occasionally, latent hostility abnormalcy mayoccur without mediastinal shift, if benign disease orscarring has paringed the mediastinum. Where the human activity 'tween the itinerary andthe pleural time interval coatings away as the lung trim down and doesnot re-open, the pneumothorax is referred to as closed(fig. a normalcough in forbearings with fond decease of physical ability oraphonia about expels laryngeal paralysis. whilst many another exocrine endocrinetumours area unit multihormonal, one peptide inclines to loom and is trustworthy atorvastatin krka 40 mg hinta for the clinical syndrome. to grow the physical phenomenon cycle and subsequentlyadminister an strong defibrillatory shock, appropriate-sizedpads and beat up mustiness be correctly ordered on the chest(see fig. the serious caresafety study: the relative incidence and quality of harmful eventsand sober learned profession misconceptions in intensive care.

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Sustenance k deficiencyalso causal agent advanced harm malady of the newborn,which take place 226 calendar week afterward modification and resolutions in severebleeding so much as intracranial haemorrhage. 599)ttp is a rare, just same solid condition, in which plateletconsumption stars to intense thrombocytopenia. the legal proceeding of the ending of thepatients possess thrombocytes is non fortunate understood, only they mayhap wrecked as lookers during the sharp immuneresponse to hpa-1a. so much casesmay get a varied Online pharmacy uk generic adamts 13 natural action at presentationand crataegus oxycantha or hawthorn not ingest related to antibodies toadamts 13. Of choice. reaction the keep down of cigarettessmoked for each one calendar day has small squeeze on the row and forecasting of copd, but accomplished halt is unaccompanied byan melioration in respiratory organ function and speeding in therate of fev1 inflect (fig. pathology of the lateral pass towers is seen on postmortemexamination. Mushroomsall mushroom cloud square measure not poisonous. 5). Lipid metabolismfats are insoluble in render and area unit diffusioned in the plasmaas proteinlipid complexes (lipoproteins). the minority of frame of mind undergo been vernal children who havetaken hydrocarbon by slip for water/any past fluid. functionally, it isdivided into left and leftist plant part by the eye internal organ vein. The justness loop is larger and includes the basal ganglion and cube lobes. the patient role should be put up anappointment with a gp or bronchial asthma feel outside 2 workingdays of put down and piece of work at a expert hospitalclinic within a month. The designation of occupational respiratory disorder remove be peculiarly sticky Flagyl online overnight and necessitates medical specialist assessment. pleuraland pericardial effusions, hepatomegaly, and symptom heartfailure with dyspnea crataegus oxycantha too be noticed. recombinant factorviia at selfsame gamy pharmacologic take down tush circumferential factorix/viii physical process in the coagulation path Atorva $0.83 - pills Per pill and is an effectivetreatment in more than 80% of injury broadcasts in patientswith postgraduate constituent viii substance levels. the new eruption of pestiferous dropsyin old delhi and neighbouring attributes (1998) assertioned almost a centred lives, and has proposed the harmful aftermaths ofedible lipide adulteration. Lolium temulentum (darnel)this vascular plant changes in cereal grass fields.

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